Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Treasonous Prime Minister?

The run up to the 13th general election also see the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Illegal Immigrants in Sabah being conducted to uncover any nefarious scheme of giving out free citizenship under the guise of importing foreigners of Muslim background to change the demography of Sabah. Up till now some very senior former heads of the state registration department and recipients of the national identity card, MyKad, which entitles them the right to vote, have come forward to admit of such frauds which are of a treasonous nature because these acts are tantamount to re-engineering the society of a nation with evil intention of subverting the minority races.

A very scathing attack on a former PM under whose tenure such a scheme was started as reported HERE made him the target for investigation. Has he committed a treason? If so what are the punishments? Would anyone dare to take him to court?

I remember early in his premiership he said he wanted to increase the population of Malaysia to 70 million. It was then around 20 million I think. I thought this guy was really visionary, that he foresaw the great labour need of a growing industrializing nation, and that he had the larger good for the nation at heart. Now I'm not so sure. I suppose time will tell what the next act will be.

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