Sunday, January 06, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday

Today marks the first Sunday Pastor Ronald took over the church officially following the transfer of our former pastor Paul who served for 8 years.

Today also mark the introduction of family worship on every first Sunday of the month which is a Communion Sunday. What this means is that on such a Sunday children who attend church school concurrently as the adult worship service now join the adult worship which is adapted to make the service more child friendly with a message they can understand. The reason for this change is to encourage family to worship together so that children grow up more emotionally and spiritually intact with both family and church.

Today also mark the introduction of paedo-communion which means that children who are baptized will now be able to receive Holy Communion elements of bread and juice and parents are encouraged to explain the significance of them to their children. It was indeed a beautiful sight, sitting where I was on the third pew from the front, to see young children with their parents, kneeling at the railings with hands clasped, receiving communion and, if they are too young or not baptized, receive blessings from the pastor.

Today is special in another way. Our former bishop, now honored to be bishop emeritus, returns to our church to resume worshiping with us. It is an honor to the congregation to have an eminent person of the Methodist church in our midst. Today we also have a former pastor who served from 1986-1989, and who was my first pastor when I joined this church, joined us in worship with his dear wife Stella who sang in the choir I attended 23 years ago. It was a very pleasant surprise to see them and they haven't age a bit! Must be the nice Perth weather.

Finally today is a beautiful day because God made it so. It falls upon us to want to see each day that way or the way we internalize our problems and spew them out to see the day less positively than it should. I hope you have had a beautiful Sunday and also every day of the week.

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