Friday, January 04, 2013

2013 - Coming Events

Didn't know I'm loaded with things to do and prepare at the onset of the new year. Just to make sure I'm not overwhelm allow me to list them here but only for what will take place in the first half of 2013.

School holiday is finally over and new semester started on January 2 for Grace who is in her pre-school 2. This is her final year at a Seremban 2 kindergarten before she starts formal primary education in January 2014. She is registered to study at Chung Hua Primary School in Seremban town. It is a Chinese based school where Mandarin will be widely used. Grace adjusted well on her first days with her new classmates. Her class has 17 children, more than double her class last year. There is no classroom work this week, but work for me. On day 1 she brought home a shiny bag of 20 school books with instruction from the principal to wrap them up. On the way home I stopped by a gift shop and bought 2 rolls of PVC book wrappers. The next 48 hours I meticulously and methodically wrap them, with a little assistance from my wife and Grace herself. This work of love took me back to the days I did the very same work for my 3 children while they were in their primary schools. If there's a contest I think my wrapped books should emerge among the winners. Well ...

Andrew was registered for pre-nursery class. He is under 3 years even when he goes there next Monday, January 7. He will only turn 3 on January 27. I just wonder if he will be bored attending 4 years in kindergarten before his formal education begins in 2017. I enjoyed my freedom right until I enter school at the age of 7 in 1955.

In Petaling Jaya Victoria has started Standard 2 and William in pre-school 1. In the States, Joshua is heading towards his first birthday in April. So does Sharon in May. Time flies.

Andrew will turn 3 on January 27. We're wondering if we should get him a proper tricycle as he is riding on the gift meant for little sister Sharon. Maybe when he is a little older and starting to challenge older sister's tricycle. Right now he is shuffling rather than paddling.

April will see many family members celebrating their birthdays. I count at least 4 celebrations not including close relatives.

There will be a short holiday to the Philippines in March. None of us has even been there so it will be interesting.

General Elections
This is a guessing game of national importance. The outcome determines the path we take for the next 5 years. Will it be after Chinese New Year (on February 10-11) or will the Prime Minister wait until the 5 years current tenure expires towards end April? My guess is end March. But please not while we are overseas as I really want my vote to count.

Since I started this hobby in October I've built up a substantial block of interesting pins. Currently I'm heading towards the 14,000 pins hurdle.

Genealogy Project
I want to build a legacy for my family and siblings and others in the extended family. My late father gave me a booklet in 1998 before he passed on listing the names of his grandfather, grand uncles and grand aunties, cousins, children and grand children. Today I have the benefits of a nice software called Family Tree Builder from It is free to a certain usage level and very easy to apply.

This genealogy project will cover 6 generations and will be my gift to my family and relatives.

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Irene Yew said...

If there is a book wrapping contest, count me in too... I love wrapping books, and think I'm pretty good at this too... Ahem! Learnt from the sifu


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