Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year of Losses and Gains

I am not reflecting over financial losses or gains but over people I know I lost this year and people I celebrate their new additions by marriage and by birth. This has been a busy year on both counts. And remembering other reasons to celebrate a memorable 2012.

People I know but unrelated. Singers, actors, strangers and church member - Whitney Houston, Andy Williams, Larry Hagman, Wong Bentong, Hurricane Sandy victims, families of victims of Newtown, Connecticut massacre, Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik. Their passing reminds me of the frailty of old age and danger of emotional instability and substance abuse. Losses are sorrowful. They must be balanced by celebrations of gains.

Several marriages took place this year to the extended family. Mayleen was married to Brian, Kok Liang married Macey, Hua Yew married Lauren. Outside we attended weddings of Victor and Syet Winne and Suzane, office colleague, and Daryle. As well as weddings of sons of old friends, Seng Nion and Ronald.

Births are joyful too. Winnie gave birth to Joshua, Christine gave birth to Sharon, Fond Née gave birth to Benjamin.

Other Reasons to be Thankful and Celebrate
I got to listen to Bob Fitts sing in a 'live' church concert. He is like a pop star of the 70s except that he sings gospel. Hitting 70 he looks youthful, like Sir Cliff Richard.

I got my iPad3 in April shortly after it was launched. Great feeling.

Mother turned 87 and my father-in-law scaled 95.

The opportunity to meet my old classmate Aaron and enjoying North Island with another classmate TCS. Truly memorable week.

Meet up with other classmates - Jimmy, Raman, Chu King, and annual friendship lunch.

Time out with my wife in Kota Kinabalu and our son in the States after Joshua's birth.

Watching our grandkids grow including skyping or face timing with Julian, Winnie and Joshua.

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