Saturday, December 29, 2012

Preparing Andrew for Nursery

Andrew is just 2 years 11 months but is both physically and mentally ready to join a nursery class next year. Older sister Grace at 5 years 4 months will be in pre-school and he will join her in the same kindergarten. A year ago this picture was taken.

Yesterday we got back his nursery uniform and last night his mother tried it on him. It was a struggle to pin him down, button up his shirt and collar. The boy's uniform is more elaborate and harder to wear especially for an active kid like Andrew. He has been to the kindergarten several times and like the environment, especially the playground. We don't expect him to have any trouble integrating. In fact we are more concern if he were to become the trouble maker since he is quite boisterous and talkative. On the other hand he may just become a very popular kid to both teachers and nursery mates. At home he is really adorable and helpful. Sister Grace is pleased little brother (not so little in size) is coming on board so she can call on him to protect her should any boy in her class bully her.

A few days earlier at mommy's birthday he literally took over the cake.

And he enjoys feeding his popo (grandma) a slice of mango as she fed him rice recently.

Lately he has been helping to bring out the margarine and jam for breakfast. I think Andrew is more than ready than most kids his age for nursery. For the record he is 100cm tall and weighs 14kg.

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