Monday, December 17, 2012

My 2013 Wishlist

In just 2 weeks we shall bid farewell to 2012. Looking back I have few regrets and much to be thankful for. For this blog at least I have been able to maintain the momentum of writing as often as I have materials to write. Checking the live traffic feed I feel honored to be read by visitors from all over the world which prompts me to write more responsibly. I realize that blogging is no longer about myself but a way to engage my readers, sharing my happiness and my concerns, which in return have encouraged some of them to comment.

Retirement is something new for me and is much welcomed. It came upon me 2 years ago and I am still relishing the freedom of not having to follow a fixed routine. However my Google calendar sometimes look like an appointment list but thankfully there are days when I can title my daily journal, Easy Day. Most certainly I don't want every day to be like that but 2-3 days weekly when I am busy outside the house would be fine. Once a month I would find myself mowing the lawn. I don't know for how many years my back will allow me but each session would make me feel sort of victorious that I can still perform physical activities including car wash and leisurely walks. To be able to move about as I get older is a privilege I accept day by day. However my knees sometimes get in the way. When I see seniors, some younger than me, struggling to kneel or walk, some even wheelchair bound I just thank God that my day has not come yet for me to be needing caregiver assistance. It can be depressing to lose one's freedom and independence while the mind is still active. This reminds me of my 94 year old father-in-law who is experiencing a similar distress.

My grandchildren at home provide the ambience that makes a house a home. And when their cousins visit I sense they are growing up too fast. One day when they have grown up and no longer stay with us or visit us that will be when we will miss the noise and untidiness they create. Little Andrew now 2 years and 11 months is a joy to look after even though he is mischievous sometimes. What joy it is to have him lead me by his little hand to the television to explain whatever is happening to Donald Duck or Jerry (of Tom and Jerry cartoon) in his unclear intonation. Or the antics of Mr Bean. To have to pick up after him and give him bath will one day be remembered fondly because he will soon be too heavy to be carried or too conscious to want to bath himself. But the years our grandchildren live with us since we deliberately decided to help look after them from 2005 will fill each room, bathroom, kitchen, dining hall, my office and little nooks and corners with laughter and cries. Some pencil drawings on the staircase walls will be retained to help us remember the special moments with us. We won't mind spottiness and scratches made by the kids. Time spent outdoor in the garden watering the plants, watching airplanes fly overhead, looking at the night skies, watching the birds fly home and the lizards gather around the garage lights for their preys as well as bicycling in the recreational park provide me inner joy of these God given children in our lives. Hugging after dinner and saying goodnight, goodnight through wound down windows even as their parent's car move away from the gate will be remembered always. They made us feel very blessed indeed. As grandchildren they have fulfilled the role of keeping us young at heart and we dread the day when we grow old and pining for their companionship.

What is my wishlist for the new year? All past resolutions made have fallen into the waste bin unfulfilled so I shan't try to make any. One thing I try to though, is to live as happily as I can and to be in a love relationship every day. To live harmoniously and stress-free. My first wish is to stay healthy and not be struck by any serious illness. Any form of serious illness will be a test of my faith and ability to deal with life and death issues and my wish is to have it delayed as long as possible.

My second wish is to have many more opportunities to travel before my physical condition and health makes it inconvenient. I am a selective traveler and prefer only destinations that are naturally scenic and clean. Top on my destination list are Canada and New Zealand. But from my Pinterest board I discover many new places as desirable.

2013 will mark the 40th anniversary of marriage of my wife to me as well as our 65th birthdays. That makes our joint life 2/3 of our time on earth. Family reunion is getting harder and my third wish is to have all our children and grandchildren get together for a grand celebration as well as meet up as often as possible.

My Pinterest has gotten off to a great start. Now with over 11,000 pins and 130+ followers, my day is usually spent on searching for interesting pins to my board collections. I have no idea when the number will stop but it has begun to slow down. Just as it is with my blog I want my Pinterest profile to be a good collection of interesting materials that more users would like to follow. For me it is a very senior-friendly hobby that require little efforts to indulge in.

My next wish is for my Malaysia to complete her 13th general election next year without any incidents and any transition will take place peacefully. Winner should be magnanimous and loser take defeat in good stride and with honor. The way it should be for a civilized society.

And my final wish is for world peace and recovery of many nations in recession. Although the world economy seems to be sinking faster than it is rising my hope is that the human race will rise up to challenge the decline and re-prosper our lands. Instead of outdoing and sometimes destroying one another, to remember the Christmas wish for everyone that there is an abundance of goodwill throughout the year.

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