Monday, December 10, 2012

Church Christmas Dinner with a Bang

Last Saturday was indeed a very memorable day for my church. It was the day the annual Christmas dinner was held to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and it was held at the S2 City Park Restoran. Response was great. A total of 49 tables was taken up, taking up the entire restaurant space that it became a private function. We were blessed with good weather even in this monsoon season when rain will suddenly fall anytime of the day.

The smooth running of the various presentations and speeches testify to the deep level of cooperation and understanding by the various contributors. We could see and feel the deepening commitment and love for one another. Indeed this Christmas dinner added to our emphasis on Loving God and Touching Lives, our mission statement.

I took a table for my entire family to participate. It was close to the rear and couldn't be the best spot as we could hear but can't see what took place on stage. But thanks to a lovely youth from the church who posted many pictures on Facebook we get to see them now. I wish to post a few pictures here.

As you can guess this dinner function was also to honor our outgoing pastor Paul and welcome in our new pastor Ronald.

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