Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bad News as the Year Ends

As I read THIS news this morning I have a growing sense of disquiet that the days of gross dependence on foreign labor has just about ended. Year after year as we see nations we depend upon to send us cheap labor overcome their poverty and strengthen their economies here in Malaysia we fail to secure our foundation, our people, who either keep us moving forward or keep us stagnant, or worse back slide in petty quarrels and political back stabbing and fear mongering. The cauldron is burning around us but we seemingly enjoy the slow heat as if it is a sauna. The people don't deserve it, the government does and must be booted out. This is a clear a message I want to send on the last days of 2012. We know that 2013 will be the election year and what happens to the nation depends on who will lead us and how will it steer us away from the looming iceberg that smashed and sunk the unsinkable Titanic. We can no longer boast that we are unsinkable because if we leak within, even in calm waters we can sink if no one plug the leaks. Our past glory cannot save us in the hands of corrupt and inept leaders. Next month is likely to see a new people uprising movement in Kuala Lumpur. The signs of change are on the walls. At no time in our 55 years of nationhood has the citizens become more vocal and more impatient over the continuing silence towards demands for better governance.

The biggest problem facing us is in our labor intensive industries that cannot be automated. With higher labour cost, be it local or foreign, can they stay competitive if productivity fail to improve? Can local replace foreign workers at short notice? Or should I say, WILL local replace them? There is an unwillingness to work in non-air conditioned environment. We have tasted the 'good life' and is unprepared to return to the days of 'hard labor'. Sometimes I think we need to be taught the hard lesson, that reward without hard work and patience is but a temporary passport to pleasure and comfort. True foundation that stand the test of recession and setbacks reside in having the right philosophy towards healthy and gracious living.

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