Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Auspicious Date

In case you are unaware, today is December 12, 2012, which if written in the short format is 12.12.12. Many folks couldn't care much of its significance except that it is a repetition thrice of a number, but many readers too will give it some reflection because it is no ordinary date and doesn't come every other year. In fact we are all unlikely to see it again in our time, unless you miraculously survive to well over 100 years old, for this short date will only come again in 2112.

People have chosen this day today for something significant or memorable, like to give Caesarian birth, to get married or if too early, to propose to his beloved lover. Just like others had done in similar dates before on 1.1.01, 2.2.02, 3.3.03, etc. Last year was rather unique and special as the number 11.11.11 was exciting which like in a game of Poker and drawing quads or 4 cards of the same number or figure. Furthermore the numeral '1' is highly revered as it imply first or excellence. Last year many young couple chose to tie their knots and I can expect the same today, otherwise there is no 13.13.13 to wait next year, which even if it can come about, will not be welcomed since many people are superstitious of the numeral '13' as being unlucky. In the Chinese pronunciation '12' sound like 'harmony' which is good. Furthermore '12' is much used in the historical and mathematical context. We are familiar with 12 months, 12 hours daytime, 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, 12 inches to a foot and even in the popular Christmas carol, 12 Days of Christmas. So there you go, the number 12, is meaningful so it is acceptable to be doing something memorable even if you are not the superstitious type.

As I blog this there is another 11 hours left (or up to 23 hours for readers in other time zones) before this significant day expires into history. If you are reading this please do something that is extraordinary and make a note.

For me, I wish the government had chosen today, although a weekday, to hold the 13th general election. Perhaps it would be lucky for it since many Malaysian voters feel it may fall to the Opposition led coalition. Doesn't 13th ring a ominous bell?

Happy 12.12.12 to all my readers and may today be the beginning of much blessings and prosperity to you and your family, career and business.

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