Monday, November 19, 2012

Visits to Seri Menanti

The last and only other time I visited this royal town was in the 1980s. If not for the fact that we were quite close to it from the ostrich farm we'd probably not make another visit but was glad we did as the palace has certainly spruced up the old istana (palace) and make the place a museum.

After we left the Jelita Ostrich Farm about 11.30am we drove to Seri Menanti. Throughout the drive it drizzled on and off. At one point near the Ulu Bendol Picnic Ground the traffic came to a standstill. We thought it was either due to roadworks or an accident but it was neither. The police moderated the traffic to allow a convoy of motorcyclists riding towards Seri Menanti for a special event.

When we arrived Seri Menanti it was past noon. After locating the old istana (next to the new istana) we came down for a photoshoot before proceeding to nearby Kuala Pilah for lunch. Below are some pictures of the palace and our lunch at the Kuala Pilah Rest House.

Seri Menanti Royal Town

It was raining on our drive from Seremban to Seri Menanti. Traffic slowed as we approached Ulu Bendol.

We found later it was caused by a convoy of motorcyclists also heading towards the royal town.

Welcome arch for the Yam Tuan, royal head of the state.

Entrance sign to Seri Menanti.

Plague describing history of the old palace. It was built between 1902-1908 entirely of cengal wood without the use of any metal nails.

The grandeur of the old palace.

Detailed and intricate handicraft work in gold adorning the pillars and walls of the palace.

It rained again when we left Seri Menanti for Kuala Pilah.

As it was lunchtime we found a nice restaurant at the Kuala Pilah Rest House.

We had roast chicken with pineapple and cucumber salad.

Sweet sour sliced fish fillet.

Local tofu with minced chicken meat (no pork served) and seaweed soup.

Driving along the narrow trunk road from KP to Rembau we hit a misty patch. We thought this could only happen in Genting Highlands.

We got home tired and too lazy to cook or eat out. So we ordered Domino's Pizza and enjoyed a TV dinner just my wife and I.

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