Monday, November 05, 2012

My thoughts on Pinterest

I've been on Pinterest for 10 days and, oh, what and interesting journey it has been. Let me say this from the onset: I find Pinterest highly compatible with my nature.

When I started out I decided it will be a project much like this blog is, an effort to organize my pictorial thoughts board by board and then filling each board with pins I create (hopefully some are interesting enough to get repinned), pins of what I like or love, pins of significant current events, pins off my ipad camera, and most of all (as well as the easiest but most addictive part which also made this app insanely popular) repin from other user sites.

I wasn't sure about following others or being followed but became aware that following makes you a follower but being followed makes you a leader or popular. Secretly I want my site to have more followers and to follow less sites. If I follow indiscriminately I'll be finding all kinds of pins appearing in my 'live' following list that make it harder to sieve to find new and interesting pins to collect and repin.

This is my mission: to post great pins with good stories to tell. I believe I should have well organized boards with clearly defined contents that are interesting. And into each of these boards I store only pins that matter to me, pins that are of good resolution, exciting, informative, appealing, thoughtful and reflect who I am. It is after all my pin interest. At this point I am truly excited. I think I've plateau'd off with 26 boards. I think that's more than enough. I shouldn't appear to be more interesting than I really am or create them to impress. Absolutely that is not my mission. I want fellow pinners to appreciate the efforts I put into to build boards that tell good stories. Some will be slow moving, others like 'Food and Drinks Galore' can grow real fast. I realize many pinners adore food and while I cannot eat most of them just looking at them satiates my appetite and makes me feel good. I have a board on Anything Chinese. I am proud to be a Chinese and am doing this to showcase what a rich culture we have.

I think I've discovered a new love. This blog started in 2008 has kept my mind active. It has challenged me to keep posting my ideas and reflections and will continue to occupy my days. Serious blogging require thinking and planning as well as drafting before publishing. Many a time posts remain in draft form because they are not ready or good enough to be published. And after some time they get deleted.

Pinterest is an easier project which explains why it is getting millions of users. There is even a prediction that it will one day overtake Facebook. Why not? Pinterest doesn't have privacy issues unless you choose to post personal pictures and provide personal information. Just remember when these pins get repinned so goes the information as well. Most importantly Pinterest doesn't require writing skills. It is after all a picture sharing app that is real time. And I see lots of professional businesses are promoting their services here too and their pictures get repinned alot.

The negative issue is that if you love Pinterest too much you can get soooo addictive that you won't get off. You may even treat it as a competition to max your pins to get more and more followers. I think Pinterest wasn't created for that. Serious Pinterest users should regulate their time on it and watch it make new friends sharing similar interests.

Please check my Pinterest link on the right panel. It is a great way to pass time, especially if you are retired like me.

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