Thursday, November 01, 2012

Can anything beat Hurricane Sandy?

America is reeling from the Sandy disaster. Major business centers in New York and New Jersey struck down a few days ago by Hurricane Sandy are still struggling to restore electricity, telephone and water supplies and the subways are still closed to vehicular and rail traffic, crippling downtown New York and its vicinity. Even as the airports are being cleared of the floodwater on the runways, homes and roads that are destroyed will begin a slow and painful process of rebuilding and repairs which will cost billions of dollars. America is looking for leadership and with the presidential election just a week away it is a test of resolve and crisis management skills of whoever that take the seat in the Oval Office from next year. America is indeed in a crisis but is Sandy the worst that this great nation is going to face? Or is there another major catastrophe awaiting its turn? If so, when will it happen? Will the affected nations get sufficient warning to flee? Can the death casualties be minimized?

THIS is the tsunami on the Boxing Day of 2004 that caught the world totally unaware. Please watch the video clips. Some 230,000 residents in Indonesia's island of Sumatra, in particular the northern state of Acheh, perished unwarned and unprepared. After this major calamity, as the world came to its senses, scientists began to worry that a mega tsunami is in the making. The Indonesian tsunami wasn't the first and it certainly won't be the last. Question is when will the next biggie strikes and how much damage it will cause and whether it will destroy part of human civilization. THIS report gives a grim picture of what can happen. This time the affected nation will not be Indonesia or Thailand or Sri Lanka but the United States, more specially the eastern coastline of the United States stretching from New York down to Miami. Scientists predicted that the speed and the waves that punch the shores will drive the seawater 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) inland and destroying everything in its path. This is doomsday and scary.

So that you know where the tsunami will generate from, the La Palma island of the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa, here are 2 screenshots of the Google maps.

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