Monday, November 12, 2012

A Wedding Weekend

My wife and I with grand daughter Grace made it to the wedding of our niece to Brian Lim, an affable guy with an every ready grim and lovable personality whom my mother took to great liking the first time he went visiting. It was 'Ah Maaaa' that melted her heart and at that time he wasn't even married to Shermayne (we're more familiar with May Leen) yet. Used to seeing him in casual shorts, last Saturday he was impeccable in his groom suit and perked up hair and zipped grim as he came punctually at 11.30 to the bride's home for the traditional Chinese tea serving ceremony. Nothing elaborate the affair was just to symbolize the welcome in of a new member of the Tan family.

The wedding dinner was held at the Marina Seafood Restaurant in the Straits View Hotel along Jalan Skudai, Johore Baru. It consisted of 36 tables. We were honored to be at the VIP table. There was a little mix up because the restaurant hosted another wedding dinner in the adjacent hall and some guests wandered into the wrong room and had to be gently ushered out. By and large the dinner program proceed smoothly with songs by guest singers from the hosts church. The air is gay and the mood joyous. The food is B+ and the guests well behaved. Lots of yam seng and photoshooting and after the dinner ended groom treated us to a display of Gangnam Style dance. Great talent. Unfortunately I wasn't able to record it on my dead camera. But you can view a sample of the event photos here.

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