Thursday, October 25, 2012

iPad 4 Didn't Roar

I was surprised that Apple decided to launch the upgraded iPad 4 2 days ago (just 7 months after the 3rd generation iPad more popularly called iPad 3) together with its new but expected iPad Mini. I am not particularly peeved by the iPad 4 which only boast of a faster processor and the new Lightning connector. Apple's website has this to say:

The new A6X chip inside iPad is up to twice as fast as the previous-generation A5X chip, and it delivers up to twice the graphics performance, without sacrificing battery life.

Part of every new iPad is the all-new Lightning connector. It’s 80 percent smaller than the 30-pin connector. And it features an all-digital, eight-signal design that’s significantly more durable. Another brilliant feature of Lightning: It’s reversible. Which means there’s no wrong way to plug in the cable.

As it stands both features are of no particular concern to me now, maybe only in 2 years time, as my iPad 3 is doing very well. My wishlist is to ask Apple, in the new iPad 5 or 6 to have the video recording to include a pause feature AND added button to capture still shots while simultaneously video recording an important moment. Recently at my grand daughter's kindergarten concert I was torn between taking a video or a still shot. Currently iPad 3 cannot do both. And it will be wonderfully great if both video and camera shooting can include zoom in features. Will it be too much to also ask for flash too? These will definitely make the new iPad roar when it is launched.

I'm happy to note that in iPad 4 using the Lightning connector the edge is less bevelled than iPad 3 which makes the connector easier to insert especially in the dark.

Compare to the iPad 3 30-pin connector here.

The iPad Mini was designed to try to capture a slice of the lucrative small tablet market share dominated by Samsung and Google. Here is a comparison of how the Mini stands up against the Nexus.

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