Monday, October 01, 2012

iOS 6.0 Issue

I was dismayed when all the dates in my journal entries disappeared when they are opened after I upgraded to iOS 6.0. The trouble is greater than losing the use of Google Maps and YouTube whereby roundabout methods can be found to access them from my iPad. My data corruption is very personal as losing the dates is akin to wiping away memory of time from an event you can recall but no longer know when it took place. Of course I can reconstruct as accurately as I can when the events took place but the efforts will take up much of my time. In the seething anger against the developer of iOS 6.0 for obviously introducing very major changes to the systems that force the app developers marketing their products on the App Store to come up with quick updates of their products to be compatible with the new system, causing major inconveniences and disconnection to the users with the services they purchased, I believe Tim Cook the Apple CEO owe us more apologies for launching a flawed product.

I can accept there is no perfect product or service and users are aware that there are risks involved. Unfortunately in iOS 6.0 case I don't believe sufficient due diligence and beta testing has been done to minimize user inconvenience.

Don't try to go for the latest because it may not be the best or most suitable. In this context I urge Apple to allow users to roll back to the older iOS if they are unhappy with the newer version installed.

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