Monday, October 01, 2012

I Am My Father's Son

I am 64 and when my dad was at this age I was 41, so he had me when he was 23 years old. In his time getting married young was common but nowadays it is not unusual to find marriage coming much later, in many cases in the early to mid 30s. I married slightly later than my father when I was 25. So when friends envied me for my grandfather status I wonder if they did their arithmetic or planned as I did.

I often compare myself to my father, knowing that I have his genes. So when I was a teenager and scrawny in physique I wasn't worried I'll grow old that way. My dad was thin too with sunken cheekbones like those of Frank Sinatra. But as he grew in age he started putting on weight. So did I but I outdid him as I believe I am bigger size than him. Maybe I ate better or I lived in better times.

Once in awhile when I was brushing my teeth I'd look at myself and saw my father instead. I saw the resemblance of our hair and our facial expressions. I startled myself to discover I even sound a lot like my father and in the way I speak to my grandchildren. Even my daughter exclaimed one day that was how her grandfather, my father, sounded. And I am not disbelieving because I am my father's son and I am proud to be resembling him as I age.

How will I be looking when I am very old? Here is a picture of my late father with my mother about two years before he passed. He got back his sunken cheek because he was very ill, but he carried the smile that contain traces of sufferings and pain because he was labouring under the strain of an enlarged and weakening heart. My father is always my beloved and cherished dad in whom I am honoured to bear good resemblance.

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Julian said...

As I am also my father's son. :)


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