Friday, October 26, 2012

Casio CTK 6000

Last weekend the family took a look at several electronic keyboards to buy one for Grace, our second granddaughter who at 5 years has just started her music course at the Yamaha Music School nearby our homes. Grace was particularly excited and the new keyboard was to complement the 33 year old upright piano which I bought for her mother to play. We have come a full circle and history is repeating.

We dropped by the Do Re Mi music shop in town and spoke with the proprietor, Michael, who knows us. After reviewing a few Casio models we settled on the CTK 6000 which has 61 keys (5 octave) but with the key responses similar to playing a piano but softer and lighter which is better suited to small fingers.

A few days ago I set up the Casio upon a computer table inside a room, making sure that the height is similar to that of the piano. Although the Casio comes with a free stand we decide not to use it yet as Grace little brother Andrew love to bump things all over the hall and we don't want the Casio to be hurt in any way.

Here's our latest member of the musical family.

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