Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bob Fitts Comes to Town

Last month on the 29th while worshipping at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church I spotted the announcement in the bulletin that Bob Fitts is coming to the church for the WorshipGod 2012 celebration in the church and that he will perform in a free concert on the evening of October 26. The name Bob Fitts triggered my memory to the 80s when I was touched by his spiritual songs and bought one of his cassettes which contained the song, Sacrifice, which is available on Youtube. Be blessed as you listen to Bob's smooth and kind voice.

My wife and I will make this trip to Petaling Jaya to experience the presence of God in the worship concert and service on October 28 in which Bob will lead in the praise session.

Post Concert Note:
About 1500 worshippers thronged the auditorium to watch Bob sing and take part in the worship experience. We went early with dinner packed to eat in the cafeteria so we can get good seats (we did). Bob was supported by a back up team comprising his wife, 3 worship leaders from the church and its band. Throughout the entire 90 minutes of praise singing, Bob sang of developing a faith relationship with God and asked us to sing to God to bless Malaysia and America. The audience was very responsive and spiritually high as we lifted hands to praise our Lord Jesus. The night was an uplifting experience. I was hoping Bob would singing one of my favorites, Sacrifice, but he didn't. Perhaps the song didn't fit in to the worship theme.

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