Monday, October 08, 2012

Back to School

Last Friday I brought my grand daughter Grace for her first music lesson at the Yamaha Music School at Seremban 2. It was a deja vu experience as I recalled 31 years ago I did the same for her mother. As I sat in with her with another 5 girls around her age, all chaperoned by their mothers and grandmother, I felt both jurassic and out of place since I was the only male there but I felt proud to help her develop her musical talents. The young lady who taught the class was both sweet and refreshingly pretty, making me feel the 'job' was worth it. She taught well and made the girls feel at ease.

Class started at 6pm and ended an hour later. The pupils were taught basic clapping rhythms, finger numbers and where the high and low notes are on the keyboard. Mummy attended the same Junior Music Course or JMC at the Yamaha School in Petaling Jaya in 1981. JMC is designed for 4-5 year old kids and help them cultivate their musical abilities through fun enjoyment of interaction with the teacher and group singing and playing the Electone keyboard organ provided to each child.

Grace was excited to learn music. The same piano her mummy played on now sits in my living room and she is able to open up the lid and practise on it. Her older cousin Victoria has started music lesson 2 years ago so both of them will enjoy music together as they grow older. There is plan to get Grace a portable Casio electronic keyboard as it is easier on smaller fingers and less frustrating to practise.

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