Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Amazing Andrew

This is Andrew, my amazing grandson. He did something astounding for his age that I'll never forget. Andrew is 2 years, 8 months and 2 weeks old today. What he did was the first sign of maturity that older kids and even adults were not as sensitive enough to do. Andrew first displayed his love to help when about a month ago he started to ask to bring rice plates from the kitchen to the dining table. We let him and at the same time worry he might tilt and spill the rice. He didn't so we allow him to help at dinner time. Soon he started to bring out the spoons and forks and we taught him to lay them in pairs on each plate. He is still learning. The fact that he is willing to pick up skills is a healthy sign. Maybe he'll make a really good husband one day performing chores cheerfully and unasked.

This evening at past 6pm I went out of the house to pull out some weeds in the garden. Andrew was with me. I wasn't wearing any protective gloves. A little while later he disappeared and came out of the house, stood behind me, and called to me, 'Gung, gung'. He sound so affectionate each time he called me that way. What took my breath away, when I looked back to acknowledge him, was the sight of a piece of blue nitrile glove on his right hand. My first thought was his po po (grandma) gave the glove to him to hand to me to wear. Upon asking my wife she said no, Andrew went directly into the bathroom, found the glove and brought it out to me, on his own initiative. She thought he had gone in to play with water but he was actually looking for a glove which I believe he remembered seeing there before. I thought, 'wow!' how would he know that I need a glove? I didn't ask him to get one but I sure appreciate this fine gesture which suggest his ability to empathize with the needs of others. It showed an inborn quality that any parent, and grandparent, would be proud of. What he did was therefore amazingly cool for a kid his age. Perhaps there are other kids younger who are as or more responsible but this act of care and concern from my grandson makes me ooze with pride. If you have similar examples please do share.

Andrew may be mischievous and rough sometimes to his older sister but he is just a robust growing boy who want someone his age to play with, so his behaviour is excusable although we have to condition and train him to be kinder and gentler, especially to girls. We worry he may find himself in some trouble next year when he enters nursery, but his helpfulness will surely score high and make him popular with teachers and classmates alike. Way to go, Andrew.

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Julian said...

Please give Andrew a hug from both his aunt and I. We're both proud of how Andrew has grown and is growing into a fine boy.


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