Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Passing of a Legend

I missed the news. Driving home this morning I heard songs of a singer whose voice took me back to the early days of black and white television and I had the bad feeling that he is no longer with us. True enough I felt a void inside hearing that Andy Williams have passed away at the age of 84 in his hometown in Branson, Missouri, USA on Tuesday night after battling bladder cancer for a year.

I first heard of Andy's songs on his The Andy Williams Show in the early 1960s. Unlike Ed Sullivan who host upcoming singers and bands but can't sing, Andy did more. He sang and entertained his fans. The AWS was a pure family show and help promote new singers. I remember the Osmonds were a bunch of kids who came on his show. Donny was a little boy who Andy would put him on his lap but he grew up to become a popular singer just as Michael Jackson was making his mark with his older brothers and sisters. Andy would always finish his show with his farewell song, May Each Day.

I love nearly all of Andy's songs and could singalong most of them. Andy would be like an uncle to me. Although he has departed to his eternal home his rich and inimitable voice will always fill my heart and made me wonder how much he has blessed his fans with his clean and meaningful songs.

Goodbye Andy. You're home now.

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