Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Future Writes The History

THIS stabbing article by someone contemporary to Dr Mahathir hits where it really hurt. To see his legacy disemboweled publicly is both unkind as well as accusing. If I were Dr M I won't be able to sleep well and if I were one of his sons I'll have much forgiving to ask for the irreversible damage this man has done to all Malaysians, including the youth and children as well as those unborn. I must agree with what Mr. Koon has written. Dr. M has never been a unifying leader. His legacy is what we inherited today. Since he stepped into the shoes as the 4th prime minister in 1981 31 years has passed of which he counted 22 years under his rule. No prime minster before or after him has changed our political, cultural and economic landscape as much as he did. And most of these changes are in dire need of revamp.

I don't know how many such articles will appear in the public domain while Dr M is still alive. What I do know is they will be very judgmental and unkind. It would have served Dr M better if he had stayed quiet and neutral after he retired. I suppose it has always been his nature to be outspoken as well as hog the limelight. If he had been wiser to keep his mouth shut and his thoughts to himself perhaps his critics would have left him alone or perhaps write less of his damaging legacy.

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