Saturday, September 01, 2012

Syiok Sendiri (Self Gratification)

I don't tweet (microblogging of under 140 characters) but when I read of THIS ridiculous news I just have to have my say. The Information, Communication and Culture Minister was obviously rubbing his hands with glee and boastfully claim that over 3.6 millions tweets were sent and received during an one hour period last night to the prime minister's tweet account following his speech at the Bukit Jalil Stadium in Selangor in conjunction with the nation's (or rather the government's) National Day celebration using its theme of Janji Ditepati (Promises Fulfilled) the heavily politically laced approach towards the impending general election which was widely condemned as not embracing all Malaysians but favouring those who take the government's side. I agree. A more neutral theme should be used.

Typical of me I'd do some arithmetic and it come up to 1000 tweets per SECOND. Or an average of 500 send and 500 received tweets per SECOND. Now that's exaggeration don't you think so? Even a kid can tell you that it is impossible that in ONE SECOND the prime minister was THAT popular as to receive so many tweets? Ha, this is the top of syiok sendiri culture that is rather common. I wonder why do some politicians have to prove themselves with numbers, and ridiculous ones too.

Me? I'll rather sit back and syoik sendiri listening to my music collection. Ya, I came down with vertigo yesterday and am recovering this morning. Some easy music will help me recover faster, not reading some nuts wailing over some crazy statistics. What a day!

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