Friday, September 07, 2012

Our Amazing Ears

Sitting this morning on my IKEA recliner as dawn breaks and the chilly morning air sifted into the living room where I sat with my eyes closed my ears were wide awake picking out the tweeting greetings of the morning birds on the trees outside, the water filling up the toilet cistern and my thoughts, yes, they too create voices/sounds that I can hear with my eyes closed and spiritually still.

Our ears are one of the most neglected and unappreciated organs. They are seldom ornamented except for hanging the ear rings or wearing studs, and for those myopic or elderly, a place to hang their glasses. What would I do without my ears? They have been my precious glass hangers for almost 50 years now!

Our ears are the only organs with its function named after it. Yes, the ear hears. Isn't that amazing? Our eye doesn't feyes even though it takes up more attention in those fashion conscious. Eyes let us see the visuals when we awake, stealing what the ears do best when they are closed. Perhaps the visually impaired are better hearers than those who see and most likely choose not to hear.

Over the years (ahhh, even time is associated with the ears) our ears tend to become partially deaf. We may hear less because of age, damage caused by the environment or diseases, or we choose to not hear, or hear selectively. But if we choose to overlook this unique sense of bridging our lives with the sounds that surround us then we overlook the precious gift of really feeling the wonderful world of sound. Even not hearing, or listening to silence, is an art to be appreciated and enjoyed. Try it and love it.

I am a ear person. Thankfully my ears are in great condition and with it I enjoy listening to music and songs. I love to listen to every instrument being played in an orchestral piece. My eyes are not good and have been a weaker organ since my teens. I think I am a listener and understands what I hear. Coupled with the ability to discern and empathize I am able to offer counselling where required.

Our ears work best when our eyes are closed. Try it occasionally and you will be refreshed by the sounds that surround you. Do not be irritated by noise but within it discover the beauty of a great variety of different kinds of music each sound provide our ears to enjoy.

We take our ears for granted until we suffer from loss in hearing or, in my recent case, a bout of vertigo. Its cause is as yet unknown - it could be due to a virus or simply a case of BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) - but it knocked me down literally. For almost 24 hours I was bed ridden because getting up caused me to become giddy and I vomited a few times. Vertigo is a form of motion sickness when the patient feels motion when he is motionless. One of the causes is the dislodgement of calcium crystals present within our inner ear canal. Movements of these dislodged crystals created imbalance and a feeling that the external world is spinning. A detailed explanation is available HERE.

In a world that vie for attention go inside your own world and let your ears take you on a ride to where you haven't been before.

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