Thursday, September 13, 2012

Me and my 'Dens'

We all have our favorite spots that we claim authority over. Maybe it is to assert our control over space and property, or just to find privacy. Some have them out of their homes, and if rich enough to have a past-time like fishing, in their boats out at sea. Some may relish the privacy and pride of their gardens or even their cars. My friend who owns a boat have another spot at home he claim as his den, his special home theatre with an attached bath, fully air-conditioned and well sound proofed.

I possess none of the above. Over time I'd identified and built up my little dens, if I may call them, to enjoy the latter stage of my life. They aren't lavish nor shut away from family, except for my home office that I sometimes lock when I do serious work so my grandchildren won't come in to disturb. That is my main den which was planned when I bought the house in 1999. Most standard houses won't have space for the man of the family to keep his files and conduct the affairs of finance and management. But I added this room specifically for this which I think is important. Later it may double as a study room for my grandchildren when they need space for homework. This is also the room I keep my books and multimedia collections and where I surf the Net which is being mobilized to my iPad.

This takes me to my other dens. They are my easy recliner chair in the hall facing the television. Here I either watch TV or listen to music or play my iPad. The other pad will be my massage chair outside my bedroom upstairs. The chair was bought to treat my achy back but has also become a place where I nap in a reclined position which I find more comfortable than sleeping flat. I hope it isn't a case of weak heart. With a table fan providing air circulation this is a nice place to be in although my grandson Andrews would occasionally come and climb on my lap. This is a nice spot to bond and reflect my thoughts as well as pen my blogs which I am doing now. And listening to Internet radio. I think living in my dens is a nice way to pass time although my family wish I spend more time socializing with them. Perhaps I am more introverted than I think but I am certain with age comes a stronger desire to be with myself than others.

My dens are well spreaded so I can choose the one nearest to where I am to use. The wifi service really help unite these three spaces and places. Seriously this is planned to anticipate the day when I can't move around the house as much as I like to. I'd even start thinking of creating a 4th den in one of the rooms downstairs if I find it hard to climb the stairs.

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