Friday, September 28, 2012

Is Installing iOS 6.0 a Mistake?

Last night I decided to update the iOS of my iPad 3 from 5.1.1 to 6.0 which was released last week at the same time the new iPhone 5 was launched. Apple announced the features of its latest iOS HERE. In retrospection it was a mistake. I should have waited a few weeks to allow reviews and complaints to spread online before I commit, and having updated I find I cannot retrograde to 5.1.1.

In this latest version that Apple is taking a clear stand against Google, its staunch rival, by removing Google Maps and replacing it with Apple's own Maps, previously driven by Google but now by TomTom. It may be well accepted in the States and UK but over in Asia I find Google Maps a lot more detailed and user friendly.

Secondly YouTube is also no longer available under iOS 6.0 but is accessible only from within Chrome, the world's most popular browser from Google. My concern is Chrome may be one day taken out of App Store to make Apple's own Safari the favoured browser on its devices. Should this happen it will make YouTube totally inaccessible just as Google Maps is now. A real shame to shut out Google supporters who have gone in to support Apple devices. It will surely force them to make a hard choice to buy Android or Apple in future.

Thirdly, iOS 6.0 also deliberately refuses to allow uploading of images to Blogger, a Google blogging service, from within the picture library of the iPhone or iPad. This capability is not surprisingly available on Android devices and will one-up with Blogger users. Blogging without picture and video attachments is bland and I have, whenever I travel, been forced to write text only posts and post pictures when I get a hand on a Windows based PC or laptop. What a shame for Apple to antagonize this category of users. But I won't be surprise if Apple will one day come up with its own blogging app to rival Blogger.

For now it appear I will have to learn to live with an iOS and hope to grow to like it.

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