Thursday, August 30, 2012

Food, Holidays, Children

Most blogs I stumble upon are on any of these topics. They're the easiest to write because they're first hand. It's harder to write commentaries or express opinions and even tougher to get real personal and private which may be a bad call. Blogging is great to share but share cautiously. That's why many bloggers take their sites private and make them unsearchable. Like getting an unlisted phone number. Privacy is a big thing today when personal information is readily captured, sold or publicized without one's knowledge. Speaking of which, two cases come to mind.

One, I'm careful what stationery to recycle. Statements are definitely shredded. Flyers with my name and address will have the labels torn away first, as well as envelopes with addresses on. You never know which nosey people will start digging the pile of your unwanted and seemingly useless stacks of documents you sold for recycling. That's one way you get unwanted visitors or junk callers. And with personal safety high on our list trying to stay out of their way is definitely a good call.

Second. I ate pizzas occadionally and prefer home delivery as I'm too lazy to dress up to go out for a weekend meal. So my wife and I would pamper ourselves with pizzas and fizzy drinks in the comfort of our dining hall, just the two of us. Recently as I was munching through a slice I was reading one of the box labels and was horrified to see both my name and phone number on it. And they are on every box labels. I cannot imagine such confidential information in the hands of a garbage truck worker or a scavenger. Granted the possibility is rather remote, still the thought of my name and phone number hanging out among the other domestic garbage or recycled papers make me vulnerable. So I called my friend who owns this pizza business and he promised he'll look into it.

I think it's ok to write tons on food and post harmless photos of delicious dishes we ate. There's no privacy issue here. It's also ok to blog holidays but try to avoid geotagging photos you attach, as well as downloadable personal pictures. You never know who are interested to add yours to his collection. And parents who blog on their kids, great way to share but remember they don't know what you're doing. You're flouting their lives in cyberphere and chances are when they grow up and read about them they'll have something to say. And watch out for the neighborhood pedophiles. Just now we have what I rate as stupid and dangerous judgments that freed two pedophiles on the grounds of protecting their future! Sheesh! What about the poor children they raped?

Giving opinions on the Internet is the American culture that Asians cringed initially but many western educated ones have begun to let loose. They find little harm to tell the world their grouses or preferences. I've fallen into this group over the years and often did so critically because things weren't right. And I know many bloggers write with a bone to pick. Internet is a nice space to blast the government you're unhappy with but be careful with how you blast.

Nowadays I blog lesser than before because I think I should choose my topic more carefully. I was dismayed that out of the over a thousand posts I've written over the past 4 years I became a blogger I could pick only a hundred or so 'good' posts that are worthy to be archived. This exercise was done 3 months ago and since then I've written less and only when I find it necessary and in my opinion, blog worthy.

Maybe I feel guilty of writing so few blogs this month that I cracked my head to publish this final article before August is done. Hopefully you find it readable. Happy weekend, and to all Malaysians, happy Merdeka (Independence) Day which I know most of you will not celebrate but use the opportunity to holiday or visit families. Haven't you got enough already? The long Raya and school holiday was just over lah!

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