Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sharing Our Celebrations

We're officially into the second half of the year today but we've long ago crossed over into the second half of our lives on earth. Later this month my father-in-law who will be 95 is silently asking when he will step off into the great beyond. My mother, who will grow older by another year next month, is probably wishfully thinking the same. I will think likewise too one day but today my thoughts are on the joy my latest grandchildren are bringing us. They are too young to realize their impact on our happiness index but this post documents their importance to us. Today in church we sponsor the breakfast so the congregation can share in our celebration. Joshua is over 2 months old, and Sharon a month younger. Last night when we skyped, Joshua appear much more matured than when we last held him on May 14 morning before we left for the airport to fly home. In a fortnight we'll experience a similar emptiness when Sharon leaves us to be cared for by her paternal grandmother. We will see her less, but probably more than Joshua, who we can catch up regularly through Skype.

So today's home photo shoot session was special. It is our first family photography since Sharon's birth and we want it documented so she will remember today. Today is also her very first day in church. She was however too little to qualify as a new visitor. During the breakfast many church members remarked on her beauty and serenity. She slept through the din of nearby conversations.

The photo session was a test of patience. We couldn't get all three kids to be calm, attentive and cooperative simultaneously. But after 100+ shots I managed to identify almost half good ones worthy to get into special family albums. I remembered how easy it was on May 13 when Joshua was professionally photographed in a studio. The cameraman and his assistant who clowned over the 4 kids got their attention and cooperation much better than I did.

Why do we do these things if not because we rejoice in our blessings? Indeed we can only feel gratitude for the joy each of our 6 grandchildren provided us individually. As I survey the growing children of some of our church members sitting next to me this morning, I wondered if the years will speed by so fast as the recent months that we see our 6 grandkids become teens in a flash. Time is a dimension we treat with opposing feelings. We want to stay young to live longer, yet we want to grow older to see our grandkids become capable and responsible people we will all be proud of. I'm sure my wife agrees wholeheartedly.

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Irene said...

Cameraman cloned over the 4 kids? Who is the fourth?


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