Thursday, July 19, 2012

Prove I Am A Dictator

Former PM Dr Mahathir opened a can of worms and ate it when he challenged his blog readers to prove he was a dictator during his 22 years reign as Malaysia's longest serving prime minister. His blog attracted hundreds of replies, overwhelmingly affirming that view. Just looking at his picture and analyzing his face it is easy to conclude he doesn't have a kindly look. In fact his face show a lot of arrogance and even cruelty that does not endear his readers. An aging politician, someone who should now have risen to the stature of statesman, Dr M is fighting a negative public image that is haunting him. Perhaps there are more skeletons in his closets that he wishes to hide. The more he speak, the more he continue to manipulate or sway the political views of the nation, and make unsavory and divisive remarks that hurt racial relationship, the more he is hated for what he is, and confirm what he was. A leopard never loses its spots, so neither a man his personality and intrinsic values. By his actions and words, a man is judged. The ordinary Malaysians today are his judge and I'd like to quote this comment by Dan from Dr M's blog which perhaps represents the consensus of many kind but hurt citizens who once thought they had the best prime minister, vocal and visionary, but now realized how wrong they had been misled, even cheated of their future of living in an united nation.

"Whereas the dictators you named had all blatantly used military might to cement their reign, you were smart enough to give us the illusion of a democracy , while holding on to the reigns of power as tightly as them. You may not have used physical guns and armies, but for many years you ruled without anyone being able to oppose you. In the political arena, you invoked the ISA, you made the judiciary and the police subservient to your will, as well as removing the freedom of the press. To elaborate on that point, you removed the judges, and replaced them with your own, to pass down your own judgement with their hands. You controlled the police, to selectively enforce laws in your favour, and to turn a blind eye when it suited you. You controlled the press, as is clearly shown to this day to blatantly favor the BN coalition, it is obvious that they are not being objective anymore.

It was only the emergence of the internet that is saving us from the legacy of your tyranny. The internet cannot be controlled, it cannot be owned, or manipulated wholly to your whims as it is a free open resource. It is only through the internet that Malaysians are free to express their views, to report their accounts on the going-ons, to compare with newspaper reports to discern fact from fiction.

Growing up as a schoolboy, I was brainwashed to look up to you, but as I grew older, as I read about the true history of Malaysia, that would never be taught in school, I read and learned of all the ugly things you did. The manipulation of Tunku Abdul Rahman, fear-mongering the Malays into fighting with the Chinese, the division and conquering of our nation, just to name a few. You can no longer scare the people, they are too tired to be scared, too poor to be scared, we have nothing left to lose.

All your life you have tried to keep us divided, to keep us fighting amongst each other, to work counter to building a common national identity among the people, to sabotage any hint of patriotism we might foster. Even with such a low sense of patriotism in the Malaysians today, Malaysians are rising up to end the unfair tyranny of BN. This is testament to how much you have pushed the people. That is why you are a dictator. You destroyed Malaysia for your personal gain instead of building us up. You traded away our futures for your present paradise. Your political opponents didn't give you that name, the people did."

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