Friday, July 27, 2012

Prints or Albums?

Traditionally pictures captured in cameras, filmed or digital, are by default printed on photo papers and either slotted inside pocketed albums or framed for wall displays. I've used both methods to store and display. Lately I discovered a new way of presenting my image memories on a themed basis in either self designed or custom template albums produced collaboratively with professional printing houses. In the recent week I did both - printed some 150 photos of 4R size from what I think are the best of family and holiday photos taken over the past 2-3 years, as well as created a special moments album which I choose the pictures, design the layout using a software provided by the printing service, upload the finished work to its server, pay (actually prepaid) and await the completed album to arrive in my mailbox.

For comparison, I paid RM75 for the 150 prints which qualified me for a free 8R print of my choice. But I paid just RM39 for an 8R size custom designed album containing some 130 pictures of varying sizes. The album was done on 40 pages of 150gsm art paper with protective gloss lamination and gloss 260gsm art card similarly laminated for the covers. It works out cheaper than the 'boring' 4R prints and set my mind to henceforth go for themed albums in future. Not only are they prettier they store better too and give a better impression to friends and relatives who view them. Of course the owner must participate in this work of art and is not for those disinterested in graphics design or not computer savvy.

Note: the RM39 price was a very special promotion I paid. The printing service received an overhelming order of over 3000 albums in the 2 weeks it was offered on I received my album yesterday, as promised exactly 6 days after I submitted my work. The album is small enough to carry around, just about the size of my iPad. Quality is very good. The next time a similar offer comes on I'll be sure to order one or more albums.

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