Friday, June 01, 2012

Preparedness - Don't Leave Home Without It

I get the feeling that nowadays many people, especially the youth tend to live in a state of reacting to change instead of preparing for it. Granted that change is a game of probability, some may even suggest that preparing to anticipate change takes the fun and challenge out of dealing with change as it evolve. However lack of any preparation exposes the person to unknown risks. Preparing is part of planning and requires a keen mind and eye to anticipate likely situations and take steps to counter them. I believe a prepared person gets more out of his project than someone who tackle issues as they arise. Take holidaying. My recent US trip took some planning and preparing, althought I admit much less than I used to do previously. Perhaps it was the familiarity, or the confidence of knowing what to expect. Or the Internet and weather forecasts have given me valuable information to plan my traveling wardrobe and medication. Or my philosophy that one should always prepare, but never over prepare. Leave perhaps 20% to surprises and the excitement of stimulating the mind and body.

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for Auckland for the first time minus my family. Naturally they take a special interest in my state of preparedness. Are you taking enough warm clothings since it is winter down south? Make sure you bring enough shirts, socks and underwears as you won't have time to wash. Bring along the knee guard just in case. Have some snack bars packed should you get hungry. I thank them and said I am well prepared. Over a week before I've started trial packing and every day I'd think if I had missed anything. Last night I checked the tour itinerary and discovered a pair of walking shoes for the sand dunes is necessary so I asked my traveling companion TCS to be prepared too. And for photography, I never ever travel without my camera, but this time I'm leaving it at home. For the first time my iPad 3 will double up as my camera aside from serving as my journal on the go and entertainment centre. I am pleased with the quality of the pictures taken especially scenic ones. To be extra prepared I purchased an app that allow me to take and auto stitch panoramic pictures on the go. I've tried it and with experience I will be able to build fantastic sights of the upcoming holiday.

For our visit to AL we've prepared some Foochow hot buns and I a collection of class photos on my iPad to share. I'm sure I'd missed something but I know it is minor and should be left that way.

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