Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Day To Remember

From Chalet Chevron@Parnell, Auckland

My friend CS and I arrived Auckland International Airport at 12.45pm local time. The weather was clear and cool. Another friend, PL, very graciously came to the airport to fetch us to the Chevron where we bathed, changed and at 3pm crossed the road and knocked at the door of Aaron whom we've come to visit.

We weren't sure of Aaron's condition after his brain surgery to remove a tumor followed by radiation and chemotherapy. As the door opened it was Aaron who greeted us, not his wife Gabrielle. That was an encouraging sign. I hugged Aaron to express the joy of meeting him and more, of seeing him well, and able to speak with reasonable clarity and memory. Years of missed contact melted away. The three of us sat down with Aaron in the living room and for the next 3 hours hear from him how he discovered the poor coordination while playing tennis, the difficulty in articulating words, the anxiety of hearing the bad news and the pre-surgery worries, the gladness of finding friends and relatives the world over linking their prayers for him and the remarkable recovery he made the days following the treatments. Even CS who is a medical surgeon pronounced Aaron's state of health nothing short of a miracle since prognosis of recovery is typically poor. But Aaron's case isn't typical because we believed that God has heard our prayers. Although he isn't physically strong to walk much or do gardening the vast improvements we saw gave us reasons to hope he will be restored to his former health.

The surgeon removed the offending tumor and left the humor cells intact because through the trial Aaron can still joke and stay fiercely positive and faithful that God will heal him. We took pictures to share with other friends. As we took our leave at 6pm we took away the joy of knowing that our dear friend is well. We promised to visit again before we fly home.

To top off a great day, PL invited CS and I to a sumptuous dinner with his relatives.

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