Thursday, May 03, 2012

Will You Still Vote for a Corrupt AND Brutal Government?

After I read THIS report I paused and thought deeply. What kind of country are we living in today? What hatred the police showed when they tear gassed innocent people locked in and unable to move? Have they no values for human lives? And no love for fellow Malaysians whose only purpose that Saturday afternoon was to gather in force to tell the government they can no longer tolerant its arrogance and open defiance against popular public opinion? When the government treat the citizens with differing viewpoints as enemies and with contempt it is time for them to go. Malaysia CANNOT reach developed state by 2020 with this kind of mentality and intolerance. The 1Malaysia spirit was found among the protestors, NOT with those bent to break them.

BERSIH 3.0 is a defining moment in the history of Malaysia. On that day the start of popular uprising has begun, peacefully but stoked to anger by brutal police action. The next BERSIH assembly will not be so kind. I am afraid it will carry the semblance of the Arab Spring. And Najib Razak will be held responsible for not listening and not feeling the pulse of the people.

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