Friday, May 11, 2012

What Have We Become?

Today I received an email from a friend with a forwarded content to support certain brands of rice because they are produced by a certain miller. It was a racist appeal and the request deny the consumers the choices they have limiting them to what they consider politically expedient. What is going on? Have we sunk this low that we think gutter politics and make choices accordingly?

Rice has been added to the list of consumables we should choose preferentially. Previously we were asked to only buy sugar and bread from certain sources and avoid soft drinks and gas from certain vendors because they belong to government cronies. Very soon we will hear of other appeal: avoid certain cooking oil, beef or chicken and do not buy certain make of vehicles, travel in certain airlines or buses, or patronize certain shopping malls or hypermarkets. If this is where we are heading we are going to get laughed at.

We have allowed ourselves to proxy our anger against the government to those businesses created by the government and to sympathize towards those victimized by government preferential policies. And adopt punitive actions against the cronies. This makes us no better than those who behave racistly. It is natural we are angry but if we let this train of thoughts control our emotion and decision we will gradually become racists without realizing it and God help us. Choosing what is best for us shouldn't be made secondary to choosing lesser because we judge our suppliers negatively.

Malaysia was not built upon racism but upon unity of races for her common good. Along the way the nation was hijacked by some politicians out to exploit the people for their selfish gain. These past years we have become politically awakened to know the evils that befell our nation. We long for the good old days and in our anger over the de-civilization of our society it is normal we are impatient for change. Malaysia is dealing with issues much larger than BERSIH or Lynas. The entire nation is dealing with a fallen system that glorify corruption and money politics and refuses to develop the full potential of her people. The delay in calling for fresh election is brewing frustrations than can make the 12th general election in 2008 a tame affair.

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