Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tunku Aziz - A Total Letdown

The vice chairman of DAP, or rather the former vice chairman, is a total disappointment. From someone I respect for his integrity and a rare breed of a Malay leader who could (yes, could) differentiate right from wrong and wise in his analysis of the government, that I referenced not once but three times in this blog in 2009 after the Barisan government engineered the takeover of the opposition led Perak state government, I am sad he fumbled in the manner he reacted to the April 28 BERSIH 3.0 public rally for free and fair election.

As vice chairman, he broke rank when he publicly disassociated with the party consensus in disagreeing to supporting the BERSIH movement and blaming it for also responsible for the violence that broke out. The Tunku ought to be able to see the trees from the woods. The overall cause of BERSIH is laudable and demand support from ALL concerned Malaysians over the rightful future of the nation which must be led by leaders chosen by the people and not via manipulation of the electoral processes. This include Tunku himself who had condemned the Perak takeover. His position then drew admiration for here is a member of the Malay royalty who publicly declared the incident as immoral. Therefore the turnaround now in condemning BERSIH can only be read with much suspicion. His latest reaction reported HERE reflects his forgetfulness that it was Najib he condemned for the Perak power grab. Why has he raised a trivial issue of violence over the larger cause of national integrity? Did he not understand for a person with vast experience and knowledge that every noble cause cannot be freed from abuse and provocation? The best of human nature can be irritated by acts of sabotage and humiliation. And who is absolutely sure the violence started and propagated wasn't done by non-BERSIH supporters infiltrated into the rally as Trojans dressed in yellow?

Is the Tunku entitled to his personal opinions? For sure not everyone who subscribes to his or her allegiance to the political party must blindly agree to every decision made. But here it isn't a case of fatal wrong that demands drastic reaction. It is simply an observation that is best kept within his heart. If he had been concerned and had openly shared with the party leadership which still openly support BERSIH why the need to sow disunity publicly after the event? It isn't a party man here but someone who didn't analyze the impact of his statement on the party that he represents. He had allowed his personal views to damage the larger cause he agreed to partake some 4 years ago.

Much like another royal member I lost my respect, Tunku Aziz has fallen into the same category. What a shame. For remarking publicly against BERSIH he was himself chastised publicly, and that he was not man enough to take it and decided to give up (not removed) the vice chairmanship of the party, as well as, I think in bad haste and rather childishly resign from the party. It reflect upon his sensitive nature and intolerance that till now has been hidden from the public. With his political career gone, but I wouldn't discount UMNO dangling a sweet job for him, Tunku is not the darling (or uncle or datuk) many Malaysians think of him as. Pity.

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