Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some Photos To Share

We were sent off at KLIA by our family. Ling wasn't too pleased to see us go judging by her downcast look.

You'll be happy to know that Incheon International Airport has joined the rank of many traveler friendly airports by offering free Internet connections. While waiting for our connecting flight to Atlanta I used it to surf the Net as well as watch online movies to pass time.

It was indeed a beautiful morning when I worshipped at the Perimeter Church at Johns Creek, Georgia. I don't believe any church in Malaysia can rival it. The recreation grounds are just too good to miss.

I do confess I was in the States not just for Joshua but also for my brand new iPad 3. Here it is alongside its older sibling.

We were in time to help see Joshua at his first doctor's visit @ 1 week. Here he is being weighed by a kind nurse.

I was getting ready to go for my walk. Although the weather was 'safe' I thought I ought to stay warm in my jacket.

At the SouthWest domestic departure hall in Atlanta International Airport travelers can easily charge their laptops, cellphones, games consoles and tablets from these power sockets and USB ports.

SouthWest passengers receive boarding passes bearing Queue and Position numbers to expedite boarding process.

Our visit to Tony and family on April 28 was a celebration of food graciously prepared by John and Mary.

You guess it. This is the garage sale I blogged. We looked but fail to find anything useful.

We were at the Barefoot in the Park Art Festival one Saturday afternoon. Several award paintings were on display, not for sale.

We found two fat ladies sunning in the Park and decided to join in.

A resident band comprising mainly senior citizens put up a grand show at the Duluth Festival Centre when we visited.

Was it sheer coincidence or what? My wife was wearing a Smart Car tee shirt when she spotted this beauty.

Joshua was peacefully asleep when we took this picture at his full moon dinner.

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Nice. Looking forward to more pictures.


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