Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Highlights

We were greeted by a wet morning in Duluth. Our plan to worship at the North Point Community Church in Alpharetta wasn't defaulted by it. My son drove us there and in spite of the rain, the car park was almost filled. Perhaps it is the faithfulness of the worshippers in not missing a service, or today being Mother's Day, or people want to listen to the powerful sermon by Jeff Henderson, lead pastor, who is launching the Climate Change series of sermons today. I had a totally different experience. The audiovisual backup was awesome and production very professionally done. Where we sat towards the back of the East Auditorium there were three sets of video cameras set on high platforms capturing the live presentation and projecting it over the LCD screens in the auditorium as well as to the West Auditorium. The message was contemporary and deals with issues of handling relationship problems, including our personal relationship with God. I guess the message is not just for one or two but every listener in the halls.

After the service ended we checked out the Whole Food outlet nearby and bought some foodstuff that are appropriate for our grand daughter who is having some food allergy issues. We had a nice Caribbean lunch for a change. We ate at the Armando's Caribe Cuban restaurant ( Had Tilapia Tacos and shared the Paella de Mariscos with our son. The chip with salsa appetizer was great. Enjoyed the food which fits our palate. Joshua slept throughout.

This will be our last day of stay with our son and wife. In the 4 weeks we watched Joshua grew before our eyes and we know he will continue to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially under the watchful eyes of his parents. One remark touched me. During the morning service Jeff shared from the book on the late Steve Jobs. We all know how consumed Steve was in his work, to create a dent in the universe, that he didn't but he did dented our lives through his products. The inside cover picture showed Steve reclining in deep thought while starring into his Apple computer before him. He wasn't looking at his computer but at what was on the screen. It showed a picture of his wife and his son. And this picture was apparently taken soon after he was diagnosed to have pancreatic cancer. In moments like this, it isn't the work a man will turn to but his family. And in my case it will also be to God that I shall turn to.

My son has photos of Joshua all over his cell phone and having his son, according to him, redefines his priorities and his focus in life. I guess in this Joshua will only realize one day when he is old enough how fortunate he is to be born into such a loving family. So shall we be feeling likewise. We will fly home with high definition pictures of our grandson to display and share.

Tonight we shall have dinner with Yee Ma the adorable auntie who never fail to impress us with her culinary skills. In her 70s she still cook for her family. May God bless her and keep her in good health.

We've nearly done packing, almost ready to fly tomorrow afternoon home.

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