Sunday, May 06, 2012

Living is Giving

Or giving is living. I believe we are created not for the selfish purpose of taking and not returning, making and not sharing, receiving and not offering. Living in such manner is unnatural and runs against the creation which balance the unequal and level the uneven. What joy is there when one is obsessed with accumulating and not giving? It is not enough that we are born gifted and empowered with knowledge and skills that give us opportunities to advance in life ahead of those who are disadvantaged? We need to pause and ask the question, is this all to it in living?

I believe every living day is a giving day. We give of ourselves to help others - parents and grandparents sacrificing time and sleep to look after children and grandchildren, volunteers taking up tasks to look after the sick and the disabled, teachers lending their knowledge to teach the poor and the slow, and philanthropists giving away their wealth to charities in education, environment, researches, healthcare, poverty eradication, abuse prevention, etc. People unknowingly elevate themselves whenever they give. They discover purposefulness and meaning of work, struggle, humanity and caring. Through giving they become heroes to themselves and recognize their vital roles in society.

But reverse it and look upon the process of giving. Though the givers may be unaware, whenever they give they become more alive when they realize they have become channels of healing. Like oxygen pumped into the blood they give hope and new life. Giving refreshes the givers as much as the receivers.

So living is for giving. And yes, living is also forgiving. Hurt is like a huge knot that strangles and kills the joy out of daily living. Pain is like a shackle that imprison our souls. Bitterness is like a pill that makes life boring and tasteless. However when forgiving is offered these hurt, pain and bitterness will gradually disappear giving way to fresh outlook and a happier person within. Like stepping out of a straight jacket into freedom.

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