Sunday, May 06, 2012

Garage Sales & Festival

Today is a beautiful day to get outdoor. So it was a good coincidence that the homeowners association where our son lives decided to hold a garage sale for residents who have stuff to sell. It was also the weekend that an art festival organized by BAREFOOT called Barefoot in the Park was held at the Duluth Town Green.

We had our first experience with both events although garage sale is familiar to us. Garage sales are opportunities for sellers to clear out stuffs they no longer need to create space, and for buyers to find stuff of hidden value or those they need at cheap prices. We visited our immediate neighbor Tracy who laid out unused Christmas decorative items, used children clothings and high chair, used workout equipment and other stuffs. There were some curious visitors, some buy, some didn't. We didn't as we won't have luggage space. Houses having sales have colorful balloon tied to their letter boxes to let would be buyers know and direction signs abound. A good weather is absolutely essential to draw the buyers and today I guess there should be good sales done. Although sales can be done as a common event for a community, which will encourage bargain hunters to check out several houses in one go, some families may conduct one on their own, such as when they are relocating and need to clear out non-essential items in a hurry.

We went next to the Barefoot event which is like a fun fair. We were greeted by music coming from the Duluth Art Center where a band was playing out a familiar hymn, The Battle Hymn of the Republic. There were art exhibitions, wine tasting, sale of art and craft stuffs, books, school booth, food court and a live band entertaining guests at the beer garden. It is a family event too with many pet dogs coming out this Saturday morning. Barefoot is one of many carnival like events to encourage greater community living as well as draw the people into the open air to enjoy the outdoor more.

Joshua already has a date with the Barefoot or similar event when he is old enough to get out in a stroller. For us, we took lots of pictures and videos for keepsake.

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