Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Final Week in Duluth

We are into the last few days of our month's visit here in conjunction with the birth of Joshua our grandson. Next Monday we will be flying home to welcome our next grandchild, Sharon. Talk about productivity! Sure some of my friends and classmates are secretly envious of my 'success' but it is our children who decide, not us. If success means being ahead yes I guess among my classmates I am leading and thank God for the joy of having the companies of Victoria, Grace, William, Andrew, Joshua and later, Sharon.

We will celebrate Joshua's coming of age with a full moon dinner coming Friday, followed by a family photo session at a professional studio this Saturday. Then on Sunday we shall celebrate the mothers for their love and sacrifices towards their children and grandchildren. And a special 'welcome to the club' for Winnie, Joshua's mom. Later in June, on Father's Day, the same welcome to Julian, the new dad on the block. What a grand closure to our stay!

We also have the chance to chat with two of our former classmates while here, one from Allentown, Philadelphia and the other from Toronto, Canada. This trip has been fruitful in other ways. I was 'fruitful' in putting extra inches around my waist and can't wait to reduce them when I get home. I am also pleased to find myself a lovely jacket that fits me and enhance my appearance. After visiting several stores, the 6th store have the one I liked. My wife got some clothing she like so will wear one for the photo session.

This trip is the longest we are away from home. And our daughter back home just told us our new neighbor has started renovating his house that he bought from the previous owner from bank auction. Looks like we have to bear with the inconvenience of noise and dust pollution again.

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Irene said...

Haiya, and I was thinking of staying some days in RK during the school holidays. Hope the Reno is not massive, but I suspect new neighbor might just hack away!

See you all end of the month when the school holiday starts.


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