Saturday, May 12, 2012

Double Celebrations

Yesterday we celebrated the full moon of Joshua at the Zagat rated Oriental Pearl Seafood Restaurant in Chamlee nearby Duluth with families and friends. There was a roasted suckling piglet ordered for the occasion and red eggs with pickled ginger to mark this special day for Johua who was dressed up for the first time in red and blue checkered cotton shirt and blue pant, very boyish and handsome. We made sure he had his milk before we leave the house and his diaper is dry. Joshua is quite particular in these departments so we can expect a pretty organized kid when he grows up, like his dad was, and still is.

Towards the end of the dinner I received a text message. My elder daughter is in labour ward being induced. Baby Sharon is going to make her entry to unseat Joshua for the title of the youngest kid on the block. And she did it a few hours later, just past midnight here in Duluth.

Welcome Sharon into our world. You looked pretty when we received your first picture within the hour of your birth and we shall hold you in our arms when we get home next week.

I thank God for giving my daughter an easy delivery. From induction to delivery it was staged in just 5 hours.

Today we shall head to a professional studio all dressed up for our family photos to be taken. The weather outside looks great as I blog this.

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