Monday, May 07, 2012

Breaking News - France Has a New President

And I ask the question: Is change a global trend from people watching how similar transitions are taking place elsewhere and want it too? Moments ago at 2pm Atlanta time I heard over Aljazeera live report that Socialist leader Francois Hollande has defeated incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy to become the next president of France by capturing 51.9% of the votes casted. According to commenters Sarkozy lost because he was hated by many French and was rejected because he failed to carry out reforms demanded by the people. I am seeing a similarity here with what is happening in Malaysia. Is Najib our equivalent of Sarkozy? While Hollande is not as charismatic as Sarkozy he still wins. What just happened in France can take place in Malaysia IF there is no manipulation of the voting process. If the government forces through the election without implementing the reforms demanded there is a chance they will retain Putrajaya. However this can be overturned if more voters decide to vote in a cleaner government.

There is talk of July as the election month but it can be later. Malaysia must be the only country in the world where a general election is held on a date to suit the prime minister's personal time table, timed to avoid the Muslim fasting month, major festivals and political events. More importantly it is planned to capitalize on a 'good feel' as well as a 'winning chance' for the ruling party. This is why we never know when the Parliament is going to be dissolved because the prime minister waits and waits for the perfect timing to do so. In the meantime he has to put out several fires lest any of them gets out of control. Isn't it any wonder sometimes we see things said and done out of desperation, like clinging at the last straw?

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