Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ah Gung 3.0

When I was a kid about 6 or 7 I'd look at my Ah Gung (grandpa) with his rounded belly and pants held in place by a belt. He was a picture of authority and provider. My father assisted him in business and later took over one of them. My Ah Gung was laid to rest in 1967. I was attending my pre-university class then.

In 1973 I got married and a year later made my father Ah Gung 2.0. He was crowned that position a year earlier when my younger brother gave him a grandson but I gave him his first grand daughter. Throughout the 25 years he was Ah Gung he enjoyed 11 grandchildren from the 4 sons and 3 from the only daughter. Then he passed on in 1998 to join his own father. When he died I wasn't an Ah Gung yet. My first grandchild was born in 2005 and I became Ah Gung 3.0 (technically, Gung Gung, since grandchildren from daughters address their grandpa differently from the son's) but for the purpose of this post and the love to all of them I am Gung all the same.

I gave 3 grandchildren to my parents and now my 3 children have given me 6 grandchildren. And these 6 kids have a 87 year old Ah Chor (great grandma) and a 94 year old Tai Kung (great grandpa, mother's side) to adore.

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YP said...

Wonderful post on 3 generations of ah kungs. Ah kung2.0 was a kind and sensitive man. I best remember him that way n wished his health had held up longer to allow him to see more of the world. Well, Ah Kung 3.0 is now leading the way with 6 grand kids and hopefully more to come. The more the merrier, what a joy and blessing.


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