Sunday, April 01, 2012

VIP 27

Last night my wife and I were invited to the wedding dinner of the elder son of an old business associate. He is of my age but my, he looked years younger last night and I jokingly asked if he has had a facial for this special occasion. I'm sure he did and he was grinning all over seeing some 500 guests gather to celebrate his joy at the One Utama One World Hotel ballroom.

At the registration counter I asked which table would we be seated and my host without hesitation said table 27 next to the host table. Out of curiosity I asked to check who would be our table mates. I was honored to find two executive chairmen of leading public listed glove companies and one president of a large national corporation, also public listed, our evening companions. Then I know I was accorded special privilege among the industry greats by the host who treated me with importance I don't deserve. It was a feeling I will relish for years to come.

The dinner conversation was lively and friendly. My wife had a nice chat with Puan Sri, the better half of the largest glove manufacturer of the world. She was easy going and humble, someone so ordinary you would miss out her very important status in business and confidant to her husband. I noticed many other guests came forward to greet both the Tan Sri and Puan Sri. Unlike some industry captains who must live and breathe under spotlight of public attention this couple was different.

Because we were VIPs our dinner was served individually and towards the end I was pleased to report card 'excellent' in the feedback form given me by a staff. Back home my wife remarked I fortunately decided NOT to wear a tee shirt to the party. If I had it would be a major mistake. I wore my maroon long sleeved silk batik which was appropriate for the grand occasion.

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