Sunday, April 08, 2012

Trip of All Trips

In exactly a week's time my wife and I will be making a very special trip to see for the first time our first grandson who will bear my surname. Traditional as I am, although I love grandchildren from my daughters just as much, having a grandson to carry my surname down the family lineage will surely bring a smile to my late father had he been alive today.

When we first heard the news that our daughter-in-law was finally pregnant some 7 months ago, after waiting for 7 years, we were ecstatic. Finally our son will become a father too. It was only 3 months later that word came to us that the gynaecologist scanned the foetus to be a boy which made me literally jump for joy. We begin to consider names to call him. Our son and wife chose 'Joshua' which all of us like immediately. Choosing the Chinese name took a little longer but we eventually decided on a name that will reflect Joshua's character when he grows up. Even before he 'arrives' into the world, Joshua has already gotten himself an email account to which his father and I and other family members will send him love notes that he will get to read years later.

Joshua will be our 5th grandchild. In December I began checking for air tickets and eventually chose Korean Air which flies to Atlanta, Georgia with one flight changeover at Seoul, South Korea. And we will be there for a month with the plan to celebrate Joshua's full moon before we return. Funny that it will also be the time when Mother's Day is going to be celebrated (and I remember at least 3 times in our trips to the States that my wife was honoured with lunch and bouquet of flowers) before we fly home.

We have begun packing a little at a time but the coming days will see the baggage weighed to ensure they meet the strict airline limits. This trip, unlike previous trips to the States that were holidays, will be one where we will spend most of the time staying in, enjoying Joshua, videoing his growth and taking pictures for posterity.

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