Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pleeez Keep the Present Blogger Interface

This notification makes me worried:

The old Blogger interface will be removed in the coming month. Upgrade Now.

I am really upset that Google is letting go of a good design in favor of a new interface which is buggy. When it was first introduced several montha ago I tried it a few times and honestly I don't like it. I am not concern about the new look or the new feature of interfacing with Google + or ability to display statistics like pageviews. It is ok if migrating to the new design retains the convenience of the present interface but I believe Google should pay attention to feedbacks and resolve problems raised before burning the bridge for us faithful bloggers. I believe it is still in beta stage. For instance when I attempts to edit a post which has been published it refuses to display the text for editing, just a blank screen. I face no such problem editing from the older interface. iPad bloggers are already frustrated by its inability to post images with the text, making text editing more difficult is going to drive users away from Blogger. I would have thought that any improvements should be towards making blogging from the iPad more fun and more interactive and convenient.

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