Sunday, April 22, 2012

Perimeter Church Revisited

The last time we were in Duluth we attended our first worship service at the Perimeter Church at 9500 Medlock Bridge Road, Johns Creek, GA 30097. It was a big church with impressive buildings. Then we worshipped in the main sanctuary. This morning my son gave me an option, if I want to worship in the smaller more recently built chapel that is also used for wedding and funeral services as it provide a more appropriate ambience. I said yes to the chapel.

We arrived soon after 9am and were greeted by an Asian usher at the entrance and were given a copy of the bulletin at the door to the chapel. Service has begun and they were singing a hymn I know. Up on the stage was a worship pastor, a lead lady singer, a band comprising a pianist, a drummer, 2 guitarists and a violinist. An overhead projector screen partly covered the stained glass depicting a cross and various scenes from the Bible. I scanned the pews and counted less than 100 worshippers, mostly elderly and family. The sermon topic this morning was 'The Cross and Our Values' preached by Zach Bradley who is termed 'teacher'. The crux of ther message is how the Cross help transform our worldly values to that of what our Lord Jesus Christ taught. The service ended with communion. We partake of the wafer and juice much like how we do in in my home church in Seremban, Malaysia. The service ended with the doxology and later at the concourse between the chapel and the main sanctuary where coffee kiosks are set up I observed an inter-generational and inter-cultural spectrum of visitors, many are coming for the second service due to start at 10.45am.

I had the opportunity to take some indoor and scenic outdoor pictures which I will only post later. Overall I got a good impression of a scriptural church believing in Jesus as Lord and Saviour, a beacon to the community to offer the choice of right faith to life eternal.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Peter,have not been commenting but have been visiting always, been busy lately with work.Good to see you are enjoying your holidays.have a great time and GOD BLESS, best regards from AL.


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