Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Journey to Atlanta Begins ...

Revised at Inchon International Airport upon arrival.

Even as this post goes online, my wife and I would be up in the air, still in Malaysian airspace, flying northward to Seoul, South Korea on Korean Air flight KE672. The past 2 weeks have been spent leisurely packing our stuffs as well as what Julian and Winnie need, together with something for baby Joshua. Being light travellers and that we will be staying with our son, we did not over pack our clothings so we just have two checked in luggages, each weighing less than 23 kg maximum limit. Actually we are EACH entitled to have 2 x 23 kg checked in luggage and one 10 kg hand carry cabin bag. Turns out we are bringing less than 2 x 23 kg and 1 x 10 kg for the 2 of us, which really help Korean Air saves on fuel.

Yesterday I went to the airline website to get our boarding passes so we can secure the seats we prefer. Didn't realise I could reserved our seats a month ahead and print the boarding passes 24 hours prior to departure. I discovered I had limited choices of seats so this is a lesson I learned to avoid in future. I managed to reserve our seats on all the forward and return flights which is great. Late Saturday night, just as the 24 hours window opened, I managed web checked in and printed our our boarding passes. I was surprised I could change the reserved seats to a better ones forward which were still available. But KA refuses to issue boarding passes for the other 3 flights (condition of issue: 4 - 24 hours prior to flight departure) which is a good thing since passengers may change plans last minute. On arrival at Inchon International I will try to 'upgrade' my reserved seats to ones more forward as I believe they will be more comfortable and less 'shaky'. (Revised: Seoul - Atlanta passes were issued when we checked in at KA counter last night but couldn't get forward seats).

We had early dinner yesterday at our usual Chinese restaurant in Seremban 2 City Park after and our son-in-law drove us to the airport with his family and helped carry down the luggages from the car to minimize my risks of back injury. Very thoughtful. Our flight left 11.30pm on a clear night.

At 6.15am local time we landed at Inchon International Airport after 5 hours 45 minutes in the air and transfer to flight KE035 which will take off at 10.30am local time direct to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport with scheduled arrival time of 11.00am on April 16. Julian will meet us on arrival. That morning baby Joshua will have his first hospital visit after his birth to check his bilirubin level for any signs of jaundice.

On our long flights I've preloaded selected movies into my iPad and Android tablet so we can watch them should we find the entertainment in the aircraft not to our liking. While we dislike long flights, the Seoul-Atlanta leg will drag for 13.5 hours, over the past months I've trained myself to sleep upright so I can have proper rest and arrive as fresh as I can be. Nevertheless this flight will be the shortest, just under 24 hours from departure to arrival, including wait-over at Seoul. Previous flights to the States had taken as much as 32 hours, some even longer, because of domestic flights. No wonder people are scared of flying to America! But Korean Air has the best itinerary for visitors to Atlanta.

In our excitement we will remember to bath before we handle baby Joshua as he is just a few days old and his immunity not well developed yet.

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Irene said...

Glad you and Mi arrived safely. Looking forward to more posts and pictures of little Joshua.


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