Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Neighborhood

Eversince we arrived 3 days ago I haven't gotten a chance to get out of the house, on my 2 feet that is. The first 2 days was letting my body to settle down but yesterday, it drizzled for most of the day. This morning the weather was thankfully clear and I felt it is good I limber myself up to loosen my tight joints. Sitting in the airplane had stiffen my old joints and I felt 'off'. At 10am while the sun is still in bed I put on my track shoes and gave myself 20 minutes to explore the neighborhood.

The community where I stay is made up of clusters of detached houses each having its own lawn and private backyard. There is no secured fencing nor 24/7 security watch but the neighborhood appear relatively safe with residents courteous and each minding their own business without being intrusive. It is the American way to have garage and most houses have one for 2 cars with driveway wide and long enough to accommodate up to 4 more. A dedicated 4 feet wide concrete pedestrian walkway separates the road from the neatly manicured lawns. As I opened the front door the fresh morning air greeted my face. Ahhhhh ... it felt good. I decided to turn left and soon headed into a cul de sac and was forced to turn back. As I did I took out my cell phone and turn on my voice recorder and narrated how I felt at this point in time. Heading forward I passed a fellow walker and as I arrived at the junction decided to turn right, remembering my bearing so I don't get lost. A Chinese (or Korean) lady around my age was tending to the lawn outside her garage and I greeted her. I noticed most of lawns are tended to by this company called TruGreen whose van I saw yesterday in the same neighborhood. This is the end of spring and with summer announcing soon the weeds are making their early appearance among the grass. Julian commented yesterday weeds are a big problem and I thought, this is a universal problem too, and felt my own garden wasn't as bad as I thought. Here they have little time to tend to it so call in professionals to treat the wild grass. To keep passerbys safe, as well as kids, TruGreen stuck warning placards where they've sprayed pesticides and weedkillers.

I gave myself a brisk 2 minutes jog to work my heart and lungs before heading home. This is just an introductory walk. Over the next 2-3 weeks I'm sure I'll be able to do more, hopefully my wife will find the time to join me.

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