Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My New IPad 3

I was handed the unopened box of my new 'baby', conceived in Cupertino, California and born in China, tightly shrink-wrapped in smooth wrinkle free clear plastic that make unwrapping it like deflowering a virgin. It is that significant to open up the box. The iPad was 'assembled' which means parts or components came from different suppliers all over the world. Technically the iPad 3 is an international collaborative effort, conceived by the development brains in Apple Inc led by the late Steve Jobs and delivered by qualified vendors to the 'baby' factory in China that put the parts into a finished gadget that is setting new standards for competitors like the Androids and Windows tablets to catch up.

At the back of the white jewel box make of quality virgin board precision cut, folded and joined is a label that says, 'MD330LL/A iPad Wi-Fi 64GB White'. Inside, facing up, the iPad 3 introduces itself to the viewer, wrapped in neat clear protective plastic that peels easily to allow the equipment to be lifted out of the contoured molded plastic box that cradles the iPad. A small postcard size box below contains a welcome card, an Apple sticker and product information guide. Effectively Apple is training its users to get right into using the user friendly product. There seems to be no need for a user manual. There is also a charger cable and an adapter designed for use in the United States. Everything is designed with a white theme, including my iPad which I specifically asked to be in white as well. The entire experience of getting the iPad revealed is almost surrealistic. Apple believes a great product must be encased in an equally great packing and I would say throwing away the box is like sinning!

The iPad 3 is ready to go as soon as the Power button is depressed. A white Apple logo fades in and soon replaced by IPAD and a slider below. The battery level indicator read 95% which suggest it was pre-charged at the factory. Since it has been over a month old the battery is holding its charge very well with almost no decay. The slider opened, a welcome screen with the major languages of the world confronts the user and guide him/her through the simple steps of configuring the gadget. I want my iPad 3 to have the apps in my iPad 1 restored. My son helped the process using the iTunes library I saved from my home PC into an external hard disk.

As feared this post is pure text since this latest iPad will not allow pictures taken with its camera to be uploaded into this blog. However the retina display is fantastic. If you wear spectacles like I do you'll understand the feeling when the optician slide over corrective lenses across your eyes and you noticed the sharpness and crispness of the text on the chart 10 feet away on a darkened wall. Even text as small as size 4 font appear super clear. If nothing else wins over an iPad sceptic this will, definitely. Seeing is believing.

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